Other species

Mammals, birds, reptiles and fungi:

Grass snake

Among the mammals, rabbits are common and hares can often be seen. Foxes, badgers, muntjac and fallow deer, weasels, stoats and numerous small mammals are also present. Common lizards can sometimes be seen basking in the sun and occasionally there have been sightings of grass snakes.

A wide range of bird species can be seen and heard on the walk including whitethroat, yellowhammer, corn bunting, skylark, meadow pipit, long-tailed tit, linnet, fieldfare and many more.

Red Kite

Perhaps the most spectacular are the buzzard and red kite which have both recently returned to the area and can sometimes be seen flying overhead.

Download lists of species here.

Dusky sallow moth

Dusky sallow moth



A list of other species found on the Roman Road is currently being compiled.